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Who doesn’t like birds? Birds are one of the symbols of nature’s beauty. Thousands of bird lovers fall in love with birds when they see birds singing and flying in the sky. And when a bird lover sees these birds lying on the ground, how does he feel? Although unbelievable, it is true that the mother bird threw the baby bird lying on the ground. Let’s find out why do birds throw babies out of the nest.

Do mother birds push babies out of the nest

Not just birds, there are many animals that Kicked out their babies from their nest. And sometimes she eats her own kids. This happens mainly for two reasons

1. In order to protect healthy baby birds from infectious disease, the mother bird throw out the sick baby bird from the nest. it is a matter of regret that if a baby bird is infected or deformed, they do not know how to recover the disease and throw their infected babies.

2. Second, when the mother bird sees that any of her babies are deformed or weak, she throws out the weak or deformed baby birds to keep the healthy ones better. Also, when the house changes, the birds become Panicked and throw the babies out of the house.

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In some cases, in addition to these two, pets also throw their babies away from home. Because pet birds do not know how to take care of baby birds. There are also many other reasons for throw baby birds from the nest, which are discussed below

I fell to the ground and couldn’t get up

One of the chances of a baby bird falling to the ground is due to an accident. Storm days also create problems. Baby birds weigh less than an ounce and fall from the nest for a strong shake.

When learning how to fly, babies can land hard. Baby birds at this stage are called “feathers”. It is not uncommon for newcomers to fall a few times while learning.

Many of us do not see how this training is given. Learning how to learn to fly, the baby bird often wants to fly from one branch to the next in a wider and more inexperienced way. We see it as if the mother bird is throwing her baby bird from the nest to the ground. But the reality is completely different. Because the mother bird is teaching her baby bird to fly.

The mother bird forces the baby bird to leave the nest

Every summer the baby birds can fly so they want to make their nest bigger but their parents don’t let them make the nest bigger. The mother birds believe that the sooner the hunter discovers his nest, the greater the risk.

So the hunters take the young birds out of the nest to avoid their complete violence. Create new nests are never possible for young birds, Flying birds also often tried to escape in order to start a new life in the face of the vast world.

Behind the scenes

Although not panicked for fear of predators, there are times when adult birds will leave their nests, eggs, and everything. Parents leave their current home for a number of reasons, some of which are the threat of constant predators, insect infestations, risky weather, and so on.

Some hunters have been targeting baby birds ever since the birds laid their eggs, targeting them for stealing baby birds. In order to steal these young birds, the hunters often go up to the birdhouse and the adult birds get annoyed and sometimes leave the baby and go elsewhere.

Insect infestation is seen especially after the rains. Since birds nest in tree branches under the open sky, their nests are dampened by the rainwater, creating a variety of insects. When insects attack the baby birds, the parent’s birds leave the young at home or leave them on the ground and build new nest ones elsewhere.

Causes of risky weather

Weather refers to the daily pressure of humidity and airflow in a place. The weather is constantly changing and it reflects the short-term position of the atmosphere in a small area. Occasionally storms break tree branches and fall to the ground.

Since the nests of birds are mostly in the branches of trees, the nests of birds broken during cyclones or storms also break and sometimes fall to the ground with the young birds. And the mother bird has no hand in this fall. Even in this condition, the adult bird Gula leaves this place and goes to another safe place.

Suburban jungle

A forest is an area surrounded by a wide variety of plants. Based on different criteria, there are different types of definitions of the forest. There are also many sections. The jungles of the suburbs are a class of his.

In the suburban forests, baby birds are sometimes found lying on the ground in the wind. The fallen child picked up the cat and killed it. One study found that cats can kill 1.4 billion to 3.8 billion birds a year.

Moreover, a cat can take the baby bird away from the nest, many times the cat can get stuck and leave the baby. Which makes us think the mother bird kicked her baby bird out of the nest.

How to help a baby bird fall down from its nest

Sometimes you see birds nesting in a tree near your house. There is a baby bird in that house that has somehow fallen down and is stumbling in the yard of your house. It may be that you see a baby bird lying on the road.

Prior to what to do

If this is the case then the first thing you need to do is make sure that the bird has fallen from its nest and that it is a newborn? Then if the baby bird is a baby in your backyard, pick it up at home. Although there is an old story that if you touch a baby bird the mother bird will leave him. But this is not true at all.

Next step

You observe the baby bird see if the bird has learned to fly. In most cases, the mother bird has gone somewhere in search of food, and in this case, the new flying baby bird has fallen down while flying.

If this is the case, it is best not to keep the baby for too long. Because the longer you keep the bird, the longer the mother bird will be away. You make a temporary nest by nailing the baby bird to a tree with a plastic bowl and some paper to give it back to its mother. Then place the baby bird inside it.

You stand at a distance and wait so that you can stop the predator from harming the baby bird. As cats, snakes, dogs are very risky in the case of baby birds. Do not stand too close, or the mother bird will not come near the baby for fear.

If you can’t make a temporary home, gently lift the bird with both hands. Arrange to take the bird to its home. For example, if the bird is on the road, keep it with you to protect it from cars, dogs, and people. You can then place the bird under a leafy tree or on a small tree branch. After placing the baby, the bird will help the bird’s parents to notice the sound of the bird’s call, and then the parents will respond immediately.

After seeing the bird is sick or injured, you may contact your local wildlife rehabilitation agency as soon as possible. Do not try to take care of the bird by yourself. Baby birds need to be fed every 20 minutes and have complex complications in their dieting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Do birds kick their babies out of the nest?

In short yes, baby birds become a bit more violent when they grow up, encouraging adolescents to nest together to avoid their violence. Sometimes it is the case that the adult birds nest elsewhere, leaving the juvenile birds. There are some mother birds who leave the baby birds and nest with other male birds so that the baby birds are forced to leave the nest.

  • Why do mother budgies kill their babies?

In order to protect healthy baby birds from infectious disease, the mother bird throw out the sick baby bird from the nest. it is a matter of regret that if a baby bird is infected or deformed, they do not know how to recover the disease and throw their infected babies.

  • Do birds reuse their nests?

Many birds usually do not use their old nest a second time, no matter how clean it is. They make a new home with their partner every time.

Final Words

All the parents in the world want their children to be well and healthy. But sometimes some problems cause parents to face difficult realities. Due to which they have to make a decision to leave their children. That is what happened to these birds, as we learned from reading this article.

So we now know why do birds throw babies out of the nest. However, if we see a baby bird in this condition, we should cooperate with the birds as much as possible.

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